Net Zero Supply Chains

EU Directive 2014/95/EU, the US EPA GHGRP (40 CFR Part 98), the UK Energy and Carbon Reporting Regulations, and other mandates are pressuring investors and CEOs to decarbonize supply chains, but it is easier said than done. The technologies are complex, their future cost trajectories are uncertain, and carbon footprint is spread both upstream and downstream.

BSI Energy offers a software and services platform for building carbon-neutral, cost-efficient, and high-performing supply chains.

Our 7-stage process involving 65 proven and templated steps for evaluating and procuring more than 300 advanced industrial materials, technologies, and services critical to the energy transition saves your team millions of dollars in consulting fees while allowing you continuous access to libraries of specialized technical and commercial content and direct access to our subject matter experts including world-renowned research scientists at every step along the way. Get years worth of consulting at a fraction of the cost, and remain in control at every step.

Based on the long history of Boston Strategies International and the research from our new book Reinventing the Energy Value Chain: Supply Chain Roadmaps for Digital Oilfields through Hydrogen Fuel Cells, (PennWell Books, 2021), our proven methodology and cloud-based platform make your supply chain carbon-free, agile, resilient, and secure.

  • 88 roadmaps

  • 14 supply chain transformation techniques

  • 12 energy technologies

Our SaaS Solution Aligns Your Team, from Carbon Footprint Measurement through Successful Pilot Program Implementation and Roll-out Planning.

Choose From Cloud, Assisted, or Full-Service Packages.


  • Energy Technology Sourcing
  • Supplier Decarbonization
  • Smart Energy & Power Management
  • Cyber Disruption Prevention
  • Demand & Supply Smoothing


  • Supply Chain Carbon Strategy & Program Management
  • Applied Scientific & Technological Research
  • Low CO2 Pilot Programs


  • Complete Advisory Teams
  • Solution Development
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Green Supply Chain Operations

For 25 Years We Have Delivered Industry Leading Results for Industry Leaders You Know and Trust.

Energy & Industrial: Avangrid, BP, CBMM, Georgia Pacific, Iberdrola, Minerals Technologies, Raytheon, Saudi Aramco, ThyssenKrupp, Vattenfall,  etc.

Transport & Logistics: BNSF, CSX, FedEx, Fiat, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, SNECMA, UPS, Volvo, VW, ZF, etc.

Distribution & Retail: Gillette, Sears, Galeries Lafayette, A.T. Cross, Rent-A-Center, etc.


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